Get in touch with your Calligraphy Skills ...

... and let me know how the site can help better. 

A huge thank-you to everyone who has written in over the past four years (!) to say what they would like to see on the site. 

I have a clear list to work with, including requests for more detailed tutorials on Roman capitals, italics, how to write numerals in a calligraphic style, and short books, downloadables, or other print versions of information here.

It's also clear that visitors are interested in competitively priced short courses or tutorials on specific topics and that no-one cares much if the adverts disappear :-)

I'm working on a tutorial for skeleton letters – the basis for Roman capitals, and the first recommended training for serious learning calligraphers. 

Do let me know any thoughts or questions you have. I'll be back in touch usually within a few days (depending on location).

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