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Calligraphy basics

How to control the nib in calligraphy

A few ways to try out calligraphy

'Easy' calligraphy?

Copperplate family of scripts

Calligraphy in the copperplate style

Gothic script

Gothic lettering (overview)

Gothic textura quadrata tutorial 1 – easier letters

Gothic textura quadrata tutorial 2 – slightly harder letters

Gothic textura quadrata tutorial 3 – harder letters

Gothic majuscules A-Z

Italic script

Italic: overview

Italic letter formation and practice

Roman alphabet and script

Roman alphabet

Roman Rustic Capitals

Roman numerals

Tools, materials, workspace

Calligraphy tools (annotated list of basics and beyond)

Calligraphy supplies (places to buy, tips on buying)

Adjustable lighting

(For gilding/gold-leafing, see below)


Calligraphy alphabets 

(Rustic Capitals, Uncial (formal), Gothic textura quadrata, Roundhand, Italic (slanted), Copperplate style, and some bubble letters)

What is calligraphy? 

History of calligraphy and the word 'calligraphy' (in progress!)

Good books

Left-handed calligraphy: some thoughts

Traditional pigments and inks

Fancy lettering (ie decorative/drawn)

Fancy lettering

Gothic decorated letters example: Happy Birthday

Make your own card example: Gothic doodle

Celtic knotwork

Overview of Celtic knot design for calligraphers

Celtic knots beginners' tutorial 1 – crossed cords

Celtic knots beginners' tutorial 2 – joins make knots

Celtic knots beginners' tutorial 3 – repeats make interlace

Celtic knots beginners' tutorial 4 – breaks make patterns

Celtic knots beginners' tutorial 5 – inking in

Bubble letters

Bubble letters

How to draw bubble letters 1

How to draw bubble letters 2

How to draw bubble letters 3

Poetry and verse

How to write a poem

How to write a sonnet (ideal for Italic and Roundhand) – warning, it's long (but it does teach you how to do it, step-by-step)

How to write a haiku (ideal for Uncial and Copperplate)

Gilding, gold leaf

Gilding (for calligraphers)

Basics of gold leaf application

Gold-leaf technique

Gold paints (including shell gold)

Agate burnishers

Gold leaf suppliers

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